My Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is a skill that reveals itself in the service of an ideal and the people who believe in it or an organization and the people who support it. Building effective leaders means integrating performance skills (delivering results) and inspirational skills (motivating and energizing others). 

It is my privilege to be a leader in the Toastmasters global community.

My Leadership Style

… depends on the needs and capabilities of my team. My style evolved when I realized as a manager I treated everyone the same but got disparate results. Everyone should be treated fairly but not the the same.  A one-size-fits-all leadership style does not deliver the best results. I learned to examine the needs and capabilities of my team and lead, manage or supervise accordingly. 

My Leadership in Action

In my role as District Governor (2012-2013), I incorporated a program called the Theory of One STAR to the District Success Plan.

STrive and complete one educational goal.
Achieve one leadership goal.
Recruit one new member.

All members who attained the STAR completed an online form with their educational and leadership awards, the name of the member recruited, and a head shot. The members were recognized on the District website and at the Spring Conference. My District leadership team motivated and energized our members by focusing on their needs. In addition we built new clubs and earned honors as a Select Distinguished District.

Toastmasters Core Values

Integrity. Respect. Service. Excellence. Integrity is the number one, rock solid, foremost value in our core values. To reframe a quote by John Wooden substituting integrity for character:

Be more concerned with your integrity than with your reputation. Your integrity is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

My core values statement encompasses the core values of Toastmasters International:

Honest and strong moral principles (integrity) plus admiration for the qualities of others (respect) supported by helping members (service) in the best way possible (excellence).

These are the values I live by.

Why Vote Russell Drake for 2nd Vice President?

  • A good listener.
  • Invests in members.
  • Demonstrates financial acumen, strategic thinking and policy development.
  • Pursues new ideas.
  • Creates an environment that enables teams to succeed.

Next Steps

I look forward to speaking with you. To schedule an interview, please click this link: https://tminterviews.as.me/