My Leadership Philosophy

The privilege of leadership is to serve.  Leadership connects the vision of its organization to its members.  Our Toastmasters service based leadership means we work for our members. Without you, we as leaders cannot serve.  It has been my privilege to serve the Toastmasters global community.

My Leadership Style

I am willing to do or have done whatever I ask of my team.  I motivate others to dream more, achieve more and be more.

Toastmasters Core Values

Candidates are often asked, “What core value of Toastmasters do you hold most important and why?” That can be like deciding which of your children you love most. First, let me recognize Toastmasters International core values: Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence and then ask, “Can you show or earn respect, can you serve or be excellent without integrity?” My answer is no. Integrity is the value I hold most important.

Why Vote Russell Drake for 2nd Vice President?

  • I take chances on new ideas.
  • I create an environment that enables my team to succeed.
  • I am available for counsel or to receive feedback.
  • I demonstrate financial acumen, strategic thinking and policy development.

Next Steps

I look forward to speaking to you soon and talking to you in Denver.